How to Manage Money [The Ant Way]

How to Manage Money

How to Manage Money [The Ant Way]. I come from a small village wherein the rainy season the Ants carry small-small insect or the food items and I was very curious to know what are these Ants doing with this?

But when I actually followed these Ants out of curiosity, I was able to understand that the Ants are saving the food for their rainy season.

Which means the Ants are small Insects and they save food for the rainy season but what about humans?

Today we are capable of entering Mars, Moon, etc.. and when it comes to saving we find it extremely difficult isn’t it?

Fine let us think, why do we find it difficult?

For my surprise, I have seen so many people asking why should we save money. Because tomorrow is tomorrow and we should not think about tomorrow.

How to Manage Money for Emergencies

But let me tell you, you cannot guarantee that you will be like this forever. It may so happen that tomorrow you may fall sick or you meet with an accident.

So any kind of emergency can enter your life and what do you do? Will, you beg outside? Will you borrow from the bank? Who will lend you at that time?

So it is always good to save some money for emergencies like this.

How to Manage Money for Health Problem

One more important point is the Health Problem

Today the cost of medical treatments are gone very high, even if you have the health insurance sometimes may not be sufficient and it may also not give you reimbursements immediately or there are out of pocket expenses which may not be cover in your health insurance.

In such cases, the question is how do you manage all that?

So you need money hence you need to save money for your health problem.

How to Manage Money for Retirement

The most important is your Retirement

Please understand we will be able to earn money maybe till the age of 60 or 65 what happens after that, will you work till the age of 100? What if you live till the age of 100?

Let’s say if you stop earning at the age of 60 but you live till the age of 80 or 100. What do you do till that 20 or 30 years? Who will look after you? Will you depend on your children?

Yes, your children might take care of you but then is that really good? Don’t you think you need to have some of your own savings? So you will need money for your retirement.

How to Manage Money for Kids Future

Your children may need money for their higher education and if you are not able to give them higher education just because you have not saved enough money.

Do you really want to face such a problem? Because of that, you should save money.

How to Manage Money for your own Dreams

Some of us may need money to go on a foreign trip, some of us may need money to start a new business and some may need money to buy a new dream car.

To fulfill these aspirations we need to have the habit of saving money.

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