What Are The Types of Millets For Weight Loss
Types of Millets

Different types of Millets are grown in semiarid regions of Asia and Africa are widely cultivated as cereal crops or forage for animals.

They are packed with fiber and are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates with many health benefits.

It is proven that consuming whole grains regularly can help you lose weight, as they have a rich content of fiber and bioactive compounds. They are gluten-free grains and therefore can be consumed by everyone.

Millets are gaining importance in India, as India is one of the largest producers of 11 million tonnes of clockwork per year followed by Africa and China. They are cooked and used just like rice.

In this article, we bring you different types of Millets

Below are the types of Millets for weight loss you should include in your daily diet plan

Types of Millets #1

Sorghum (Jowar)

Jowar is a very popular millet and is very beneficial for weight loss.

What Are The Different Types of Millets For Weight Loss


If we recall, many grandparents preferred Jowar rotis over regular wheat rotis, thanks to its benefits. The calcium content in Jowar is similar to the calcium content in wheat and rice.

It is rich in iron, protein and fiber. Research has found that a typical Sorghum wax is rich in polycosanols, which can help lower cholesterol levels.

Because Jowar is a gluten-free grain, people with gluten intolerance can also have it. It is worth mentioning that Millet is a rich source of micronutrients and solves nutrition-related problems.

Types of Millets #2

Foxtail Millet

Foxtail Millet is available in rice, semolina (Rava) or fine-textured flour.

What Are The Types of Millets For Weight Loss

Like other Millets, Foxtail Millet is rich in complex carbohydrates

It does not immediately raise blood sugar levels but slowly releases glucose into the bloodstream.

It is rich in fiber and minerals such as iron and copper. Because of this, it helps reduce bad cholesterol levels and keeps the immune system strong.

Types of Millets #3

Finger Millet (Ragi)

Ragi is one of the most popular and commonly consumed millets. Due to its nutritional value, it can be considered a good substitute for rice and wheat.

What Are The Types of Millets For Weight Loss

It is a rich source of calcium and other essential minerals.

Ragi is a storehouse of protein and amino acids, making it a great addition to porridge and wheat flour.

Ragi has a positive effect on blood glucose levels and is therefore a good choice for people with diabetes.

Types of Millets #4

Pearl Millet (Bajra)

A study has revealed that iron content in Pearl Millet or Bajra is 8 times higher than rice.

Types of Millets

Bajra is also rich in protein, fiber and other minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Since it has good fiber content, Pearl Millet / Bajra can help ease any problems of constipation and digestion.

Because of its nutritional value, it can also make a good lactagogue. Therefore, it can induce lactation and help in efficient milk secretion.

Types of Millets #5

Barnyard Millet

Barnyard Millet is one of the best Millets to include in our daily diet. It has a substantial amount of fiber that helps maintain satiety.

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In addition, this millet is a rich source of bone-building minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

Its good antioxidant profile helps improve the complications of non-communicable diseases and degenerative diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, it can be considered as an ideal substitute for rice in Dosa / Idli / Dhokla batters.

Types of Millets #6

Kodo Millet

If you are looking for Millet resembling to rice, this is Kodo Millet.

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It is easy to digest and rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, all of which help prevent major lifestyle diseases.

For weight loss enthusiasts, this is a Millet that helps with healthy weight loss. Cook it like rice once and enjoy it without any guilt.

Kodi Millet reduces knee and joint pain and helps regulate the menstrual cycle in women. This is due to high minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

Types of Millets #7

Little Millet

Small Millet may be called a little bit but in no way is its nutrition low. It is a rich source of minerals like B-vitamin, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium.

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Little Millets contain about 5.2 grams of fat and have a good content of unsaturated fat which ensures a healthy metabolism and consequently a healthy weight loss.

Its high fiber content is another beneficial alternative to rice in foods.

Types of Millets #8

Proso Millet

Proso Millet is rich in protein and contains complex carbohydrates. The Millet has a low glycemic index.

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It is rich in antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. It helps prevent conditions like osteoporosis.

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